Wednesday, 1 January 2014

New Year and new start

Happy New Year!!  

I can't quite believe how quickly another year has gone by.  I remember having this exact thought, exactly a year ago.  And here we are, one year later......

2013 had been a year of changes and new adventures.  The new business is still in its infancy but going well. I'm learning a lot about running the business.  I'm having loads of fun with the dyeing.  I'm so grateful for all the support from my wonderful friends, family and customers.  Thank you!!!

One of the drawbacks about making your hobby into the day job, is losing some of the love and enthusiasm for the crafting.  For the last 2 -3 years, this is how I felt.  My Ravelry project page hadn't been updated.  I have tons of started but not finished projects.  I'm surrounded by so much yarn that I'm not interested in yarns, or projects.  Towards the end of this year, I made the decision to actually make and finish some projects.  And to enjoy the crafting.  One of the projects that I really enjoyed was making the button ornaments.  In fact, the whole family got involved too and we had a brilliant time.

My next (almost completed) project is a crochet wreath.   There are so many beautiful crochet wreaths out there and I was inspired to make one too.  It took me a few days to crochet the striped band and the snowman.  I ran out of time to crochet the snowballs but luckily, the white styrofoam balls look OK.  I have a whole year now to put the finishing touches!!

My New Year's resolution, with regards to crafting, is to keep making.  I love making things whether it's knitting, crochet, food, sewing, jewellery and I must remember this.   

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