Friday, 3 January 2014

New directions

I do love learning something new.  I learnt to weave in 2013.  I bought a rigid heddle loom ages ago and had a lesson from a weaver.  There it sat for years, half completed and very much unloved.

I made the decision to remove this project and make a fresh start.  Several youtube lessons later and I was ready to start.  I made a very simple plain weave scarf.  I used Fontainebleau in Sokkusu O as the warp and Triton in Sokkusu O as the weft.  A few evenings later, I completed the scarf!!  It wasn't perfect but it wasn't too bad for a first attempt.  Tension was the main problem,  The edges were a bit wonky.  It's not very even. Having said that, I'm inspired to make more.

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