Tuesday, 9 April 2013

A new day, a new adventure.....introducing Whimzy

A big change took place in February this year.  I had been working with Alice on Socktopus for the last year and a half and I'd been getting ready to transfer the business to Hong Kong, where Alice is based.  When suddenly, Alice made me an interesting offer on the Sokkusu business.  One which I was really tempted by......

So, here I am, two months along, with a new company, new studio space but essentially doing the same thing that I'd been doing for the last year and the half - dyeing Sokkusu yarns.  I won't lie, it's been a steep learning curve with regards to setting up a business, designing a website, getting workspace, getting a logo designed..... this is list goes on.  In fact, there still much to do, but I'm getting there.

The website is ready(ish) - it's here.  I'll be offering most of the old Sokkusu colourways on the website as well as creating lots of new ones.  My first collection is based on a deep yearning for Spring and Summer   as we've been stuck in this never-ending cold spell since late September.  The first snowflakes were fun and interesting but now, months later, I've had enough of the grey and the cold.  I need some warmth and some splash of colour.  What do you think of the collection?

From left to right:
Top row - Hydrangea, Spring Storm, Hyacinth, Cornflower, LFB, Green Apple
Bottom row - Fuchsia, Dusky Rose, Madder, Tulip, Goldenrod, Daffodil

Over the coming months I intend to produce a range of colours as well as increasing the yarn range.  As well as stocking popular colours, I will be introducing new colourways every few months.  I am looking forward to producing a range inspired by the upcoming Hunger Games movie.  Please feel free to post any suggestions or ideas you have on the blog with the best suggestions receiving a little surprise from me.

As a final incentive, I am offering a 15% discount for all orders made through the website until 21 April.

Thank you for joining me on this journey!

Ling x


  1. I would love to see a yarn base with wool and nylon.
    Last years Socktopus sock club color Grellow would also be very nice to see in the shop.
    A really bright orange, like Orange Flames. :)

    1. Hi
      Good choice on colours. I'll get working on those!

  2. Bring back Fontainebleau please! It's such a unique colour, I'm dye-ing (ha) to make a nice cardigan out of it :3

    A nice emerald would be brilliant, too!

    1. Wait, I'm being silly. Forgot that LFB was emerald-y, it looks a bit more yellow in my eyes :P

    2. Fontainebleau will definitely be continued. I'll be sure to add some to the stock!